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Landlord's Guide

Step 1: Rental Valuation

Selecting the correct agent is a very important decision, other than fees there are many aspects which need to be considered prior to making the final selection. An agent’s reputation and locations has an important impact on the tenants that will be attracted. It’s important to select an agent which has membership with regulatory bodies.

We at Wentworth Estates look into all the aspects that will influence the rent before charging your tenants. When carrying out a rental valuation there are many facets which help to determine the rate you can charge together with:

  • Condition of the property
  • Transport and local amenities
  • Furnished or Unfurnished
  • Tenants that will be draw to the property

Using our expertise we value our properties based upon the knowledge we acquire on the local market trends, this is to help us conduct how your property will be marketed.

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Step 2: Service Level

Wentworth Estates offer each landlord the opportunity to pick one of the three service levels we provide, this is all dependant on the contribution you desire to keep with your tenant and property. We look to offer from our three services starting with Let Only Service, Full Management Service and Rent Guaranteed Service.

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Step 3: Marketing your property

Once you have selected Wentworth Estates, we will arrange all the details for the property including photographs, map of the property and all certificates. We will focus on marketing the property to attract the tenants you acquire.


Wentworth Estates look to advertise their properties to achieve the best results, this is done via local newspapers, window dispale, leaflets, Rightmove and Zoopla. All these campaigns help Wentworth Estates to achieve the best results in get hold of the correct tenant for you.


We will market your property on our company website, this is to give the property an additional exposure as the online registration will allow potential tenants to view and apply to view the property.

We ensure that the property is marketed to its full potential so that we are able to give you the best tenant that suits your requirements.


Each property is obligated to meet the UK’s legal safety standards, therefore an independent authority must be employed to grant you with the necessary certificates. Wentworth Estates are always available to provide you with the service to obtain these certificates for you, we make it our responsibility to ensure that we keep all our landlords up to date with any latest legislation.

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Step 4: Viewings

Wentworth Estates suggest that the property is kept clean and clutter-free to ensure that the prospective tenants are able to see the full potential the property has. We accompany all viewings unless you would like to do so yourself, if you do decided to accompany yourself will always recommend you enlighten the prospective tenants with the advantages of the property.

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Step 5: Agreeing an offer

Wentworth Estates are always looking to negotiate and attempt to achieve the best price for you, we also consider other important factors such as the tenants income and credit references before making any decisions.

When an offer is accepted there are final checks that are undertaken:

  • References
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Acquire one month’s rent and deposit in advance
  • Inventory

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Step 6: Reference and Credit Check

Wentworth Estates take referencing of each client very importantly as this deems on whether the potential tenant is reliable and financially stable to rent the property. The financial findings also allow you to have a clear understanding of the kind of tenant that could be attaining the property.

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Step 7: Tenancy agreement

We suggest that both the tenant and landlord take time out to read and understand the tenancy agreement before signing. The tenancy agreement summarises responsibilities for both the tenant and landlord.

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Step 8: Inventory

Wentworth Estates provide each landlord with an inventory for their property, this outlines the condition in which the property was provided to the tenant before they moved in. The inventory is used as a reference when the tenant is moving out to highlight any issues to avoid disagreements regarding the deposit.

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Step 9: Securing the deposit

Deposit is required in full, this secures the property for the tenant, the deposit is held against any damages that may occur in the property, and this will be reference back using the inventory which is done before the tenant moves in.

All our deposits are held within a government approved scheme under the name of My Deposit to avoid any disputes at the end of the tenancy.

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Step 10: Tenants Move In

Wentworth Estates carry out regular checks on the property once the tenants have moved in, this is to assure that the property it well maintained. If items in the property break down or need repairing then you are able to carry out further checks in the property.

When time is approaching for the tenancy to come to an end the tenant will need to decide whether or not they would like to continue staying in the property.

If the tenant would like to leave the property early they will need to provide a two months notice after six months from the day they moved in.

If before, during or after the tenancy there are any issues or questions that may occur we would be more than happy to support and advise you. For further enquires we are always avalible at your service.

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